Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for foreign customers (shipment outside Finland)

The trade between company customer and Jaletron Electronic will be governed by the Finnish Trade Act unless a separate written agreement has been made.

Delivery times

Delivery time for products which we have in stock takes normally 1-3 business days. Before shipping, shipping charges must be recorded. Only for foreign credit customers we can make an invoice with a 14-day payment period.

If the product is temporarily out of stock, the delivery will take 1-3 weeks. We will notify you of delivery delays by email immediately upon processing your order. If the product you ordered is no longer available, we will notify you by email and refund any prepayment.


All our new products have a manufacturer's warranty. The warranty is generally 1 year. The warranty is 6 months for maintenance work. The warranty does not cover the breakdown of the device caused by an external factor, or any failure to repaired device other than the fixed fault. (e.g., keyboard / display element / control channel breakage)

Returns and warranty returns

New and unused products have a right to return. The cost of return freight delivered outside Finland is paid by the customer. Notice! The right of return does not apply to electronic components.

Also, there is no “return right” in the electronics maintenance work, i.e. if the fault is somewhere else than the repaired device, then we charge a fee according to the price list for repair / testing.

Always make a contract about return or warranty change before shipping.

In addition, factory orders (e.g. a special part ordered from the factory via Jaletron, which is not normally shelved) do not have a return right, and no refund for the factory order is made if it is not a defective product.

General Terms and Conditions

Possible shipping and billing charges will be added to the shipments, but we will not add small delivery fees. We reserve the right not to place an order if there is a significant price error in the product information or the product is no longer available from the importer. Possible export duty will be added to foreign shipments. (Not applicable for EU countries).

Delivery methods:

-EMS Mail (Finnish post servive) (Not active at the moment, expensive and slow)

- Posti and Matkahuolto service for customers in Finland

-DHL courier for Europe and non-European countries 

-PostNord for Scandinavian countries and to some European countries.

-You can also arrange pick-up using your own contract (DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, GLE). In that case select delivery option 'Pick-up from our Company'. Send the ready made address label to us via e-mail (in pdf format).

We submit the tracking number to your mail automatically when shipment is released from here, so you can track your order.

Payment options:

1. Prepay

You pay your order in advance to the Jaletron Electronic (Lehto Trading Oy) account. We will send your order as soon as your payment is shown in our account. You will receive an e-mail request for prepayment showing your account number and payment reference number. Always use a reference number when making a payment. You can speed up delivery if you send a receipt.

2. Billing

We can deliver the shipment by billing to foreign contract customers. In addition, past failures to pay or  payment delays have not been recorded in our customer register.

3. Online payment (mainly for Nordic countries)

Payment and financial services related to online banking are carried out by Paytrail. The online payment buttons of the following banks are supported in our store: Nordea, Osuuspankki, Danske Bank, Tapiola, Säästöpankki/POP, Handelsbanken, Ålandsbanken, S-pankki.

4. Credit card payment

If you want to pay by credit card, Neocard, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Business Eurocard are available for that purpose. This service is offered by Paytrail. We (Jaletron Electronics) are not storing or handling any credit card numbers in our system. All credit card payment are secured by SSL standard.

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