USWE Juomareppu 2 litraa Keltainen
  • USWE Juomareppu 2 litraa Keltainen
  • USWE Juomareppu 2 litraa Keltainen
  • USWE Juomareppu 2 litraa Keltainen
  • USWE Juomareppu 2 litraa Keltainen

USWEN Outlander2 "pro" juomareppu.

Sisältää itse juomasysteeminkin, eli ei pelkkä reppu.

92,00 €
The Outlander™ 2
This is a race hydration backpack streamlined to go superlight and almost invisible on your back. The USWE Outlander™ 2 weighs only 309g and is geared-up with the award winning NDM™ 4-point harness that makes the pack 100% bounce free in action.
The stretch support of the harness allows you the freedom to move in full speed and in any gnarly condition.
To keep you hydrated and focused, we picked a durable 1.5 liter Elite™ hydration bladder to go inside the pack, with a big slide opening at the top for quick filling of ice and water.
And after the race, the bladder is fully reversible for easy cleaning and drying.

The Outlander™ 2L is primarily designed for pro riders at marathon distances. But honestly, it will fit any rider perfectly who’s searching for a badass hydration pack that will not cramp your style.
This pack is a racer and we guarantee you will love it, no matter if you are a pro or a happy amateur rider.

• 2L cargo capacity
• 1,5L / 50 oz hydration Capacity, Elite™ Hydration Bladder with Fixed Coupling
• NDM™ Race Harness
• High-vent foam shoulder straps with ergonomic form-fit
• Chest Straps with Stretch Support that allow normal breathing capacity and your freedom to move
• Lightweight mesh back panel
• Weight 309g
• Dimensions 38 x 17 x 12 cm
• Water resistant Phone Pocket at the back. Inner size: 8 - 16 cm
• Easy and secure attachment for bike LED-light
• Visual reflective points: Front & Back
• one external pocket

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